2019-01-28 14:52:22,
UMTS-3G Network Architecture
thank you - oleh : lakshan
thank you very much
2018-04-16 17:55:11,
Basic GSM Configuration
ok - oleh : yf
2017-06-02 21:49:53,
BTS Configuration Diagram
Please help - oleh : Kanchan
please help to understand the process
2017-01-27 21:47:48,
UMTS-3G Network Architecture
UMTS 3G Network Architecture - oleh : Prince
2016-09-15 20:16:21,
VSWR Measurement using Anritsu Site Master
Site master - oleh : Jonathan
Testing of vswr
2016-06-23 17:33:35,
VSWR Measurement using Anritsu Site Master
VSWR Site master - oleh : Hari Shankar
Study material
2016-05-27 21:19:15,
BTS Configuration Diagram
4G architecture - oleh : Prince Diah
Details schematic of 4G
2016-02-20 14:38:51,
BTS Configuration Diagram
need BSS documents - oleh : Mujeebullah
for more learn
2015-10-30 16:26:14,
UMTS-3G Network Architecture
3g network architecture - oleh : hamdan
verry good
2015-08-22 00:26:50,
VSWR Measurement using Anritsu Site Master
Site master tutorial - oleh : Habib
i like this page v much. this is full in...
2015-03-25 14:36:03,
BTS Configuration Diagram
comment configurer un BTS - oleh : brabakem
comment configurer un BTS quelque soit l...
2015-03-13 17:04:28,
VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio)
iii - oleh : barakamgori
2014-12-02 14:06:36,
BTS Configuration Diagram
communication system - oleh : kishori prasad sah
Block diagram and circuit diagram of bts...
2014-10-22 03:10:10,
Basic GSM Configuration
SOftware base GSM system - oleh : Danish
please give me idea what is this softwar...
2014-10-17 15:54:18,
BTS Configuration Diagram
micro controller - oleh : anteneh
pleas hellp on microcontroller



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It's Important to know technology

Technology for day today is become a part of our life. With knowing technology well can make our life is more better... for example if we understand about using Mobile Phone and all of it features... of course will make our action to that be an optimum act. If we know about micro-controller programing we can create a micro-controller application, like home automation, mobile tracking, etc, other samples... if we know about how the cellular work.. we will see the process of connection can happen...etc..

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Antenna basic theory

Antenna basic theoryDEFINITIONSAn antenna is “a usually metallic device (as a rod or wire) for radiating or receiving radio wave”. [Webster’s dictionary]Antenna radio may be defined as the structure associated with the region of transition between a guided wave and a free space wave or vice versa. [JO...

VSWR Measurement using Anritsu Site Master

VSWR Measurement using Anritsu Site Master  To measure the VSWR there are several ways you can use, one of them by using the  VSWR Anritsu Site Master S332B. With this tools we are very watered down to take measurements with accurate results and the results can be printed or in the save in a files.   Equipment needed to perfo...

VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio)

VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio)Theory VSWR is a ratio between the amplitude of standing waves the maximum (| V | max) voltage and minimum (| V | min) voltageIn the transmission line there are two components of the voltage waveform, ie voltage is sent (V0 +) and the reflected voltage (V0-). Comparison between the reflected voltage...

Blackberry Technology

Blackberry TechnologyLately, in a few year later, Blackberry had a genius breakthrough technology for professional user using wireless connection.. With blackberry technology and their specific handsets allow mobile users to access communications and information wirelessly easily and real time, including:*  &n...

3G Modem Connections

3G Modem ConnectionsSummarized by Denmasbroto If we talk about 3G Modem Connections, we should know about basic principles of 3G, Modem and the connection. Here I will describe each parts and hope you can take a basic knowledge, how to use the 3G Modem and get the benefits of using it. 3G 3G is the third generation of ...

3G Specifications

3G Specifications As the 3G system is expected to be global, world-wide and generic, the specification bodies related are also global ones (see the following list). In addition to the specification bodies, the specification process includes co-operation of operators and manufacturers.There are four international sta...

Cellular Telecommunication Abbreviations

Cellular Telecommunication AbbreviationsFor a technician or an engineer, this posting may be useful. Cellular Telecommunication Abbreviation. You can print this article directly from your web view or you can send to your friend . ENJOY.Abbreviations :2G 2nd Generation3G 3rd GenerationAAL ATM Adaptation LayerAAL2 ATM Adaptation...

GPRS Network Architecture

GPRS Network ArchitectureGeneral Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a packet oriented Mobile Data Service available to users of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and IS-136 mobile phones. It provides data rates from 56 up to 114 kbit/s. Architecture of both GSM & GPRS Network is shown above. The basic difference...

BTS Configuration Diagram

BTS Configuration DiagramThe main configuration of equipments inside the BTS are :1. Main Processor Unit2. Clock Source3. Interface Unit4. Base band Unit5. Power Supply Unit6. RF Unit7. AntennaMain Processor UnitThe functions of this unit are as a brain for the BTS:1. BTS initialization and self-testing...

The Generations before GSM

The Generations before GSMBefore GSM technology announced, there are several wireless communications in the world. The first implementations of radio waves for communication were realized in the late nineteenth century for radiotelegraphy. Since then, it has been a widely used technique for military communications.After Seco...

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